Saturday, March 31, 2018

A Passover Seder with the King followed by a vision of Kinneret

HaShem has powerfully delivered me from a very painful situation a few weeks before Pessach.
I will never forget about this deliverance through His mighty Hand.

This year, I was determined not only to commemorate Yeshua's Sacrifice, but also to prepare some vegetarian Seder plate in order to remember the deliverance of the Hebrews from the land of Egypt.

I learnt from the internet that one could replace the lamb bone by some beetroot ( the beetroot being red, it reminds of the Sacrifice at the Temple).

After a few hours of careful preparation, my table was eventually ready.

I don't drink alcohol so I replaced the sacrifical wine by some kosher grape juice.

My Seder has been a huge blessing in HaShem's wonderful presence.

I spent a night of complete rest, completely shielded by my almighty King's presence.

I've been speaking to Yeshua about the land of Galilee, expressing my attachment to this soil during Shabbat.

Ten minutes before sunset, the Parisian sky was darkened with black clouds. However, in the very background, I could distinguish a picture that had been painted by the Creator of Heaven and earth. 
My heart jumped into my chest. I said to myself: 'The Sea of Galilee!'

I looked again. It was indeed Kinneret, there was no doubt about it. 

My eyes contemplated the picture for the third time. I would sense Yeshua's smile from Heaven.

My prayer had been answered. Yeshua had given me a sign.

© 2018 by Isabelle Esling

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