Thursday, January 4, 2018

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: do you fear Him?

The 9th Chapter of the Book of Proverbs states:

תְּחִלַּת חָכְמָה, יִרְאַת יְהוָה;    וְדַעַת קְדֹשִׁים בִּינָה

Techilat hochma irat HaShem; vedaat kedoshim bina

The beginning of wisdom is the fear of HaShem; and the knowledge of holy things is insight.

This verse has often been misinterpreted in many ways-also mostly because of the translation. When reading the word 'fear', a lot of people think that they MUST be terrified before the Lord and shake like a leaf that just fell from a tree.

However, the word 'fear' in this very context actually means 'to pay utmost respect' to the Lord.
Showing 'utmost respect' is not 'bowing'. It is not 'mouth praise'.
Fearing the Lord actually implies:

-being willing to give up any form of idolatry and recognizing the Oneness of our Creator ( this is why the Shema Israel is one of the most important confession of faith).

-being humble in our daily walk and accepting to do our Lord's Will

-accepting that any of our actions has consequences...assume our mistakes and ask forgiveness for our sins. This step actually involves to develop some maturity and introspection as we progress in our walk.

-repairing what we have done wrong-especially regarding our neighbor.

-acknowledging our Lord's might, knowing that even if He doesn't use His immense power to destroy, He actually could. What do I mean? I mean that we all deserve His anger and we receive His immense love in return. 

- engaging ourselves not to use our Lord's holy Name to mislead people. 'Lies in Yeshua's Name' will be judged more severely than simple lies. Do not prompt to misinterpret my words: every lie is wrong, but putting words into your mouth that are not from Yeshua while making people believe that they come from Him is a form of false prophecy. You should not fear judgment of men, but the judgment of the Lord, because ALL His judgments are just. If men are unable to discern your frauds, the Lord Almighty WILL.

While we should always remember that our Lord's ways are merciful, we should also bear in mind that if we persists in our sinning ways, we will not escape judgment.

I am urging you all to make your paths straight while it is time!

Yeshua's Coming is approaching at a fast rate. He is coming soon.
Remember that our King's Coming will also be a day of judgment.
Do not take the risk to be rejected by then. We are very close now to our Messiah's Coming. Make your path straight!

Do not waste your time. Rather do your Teshuva during the time that has been granted to you. One day it will be too late.

The beginning of wisdom is the 'fear of the Lord'. Be aware of the consequences of each step you are taking. It is better to confess your mistakes than being sent into the lake of fire when the world as you know it will end.

May our praise be visible in our daily actions!


© copyright 2018 by Isabelle Esling

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