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The halachic rabbi they don't expect: a few reflections about Yeshua's Second Coming

As well as Yeshua our Messiah surprised people at His first Coming in the 1st century, His Second Coming will leave quite a few people in astonishment and some others in total disbelief.

Contemporary rabbis' usual objections against Yeshua as a potential candidate to Messianship is that Yeshua did not restore peace in Israel in the time of His Coming. 
A second objection is that ( in their eyes), Yeshua did not bring people back to Torah.

This orthodox Jew, much closer to Yeshua than most people think

Yeshua ben Yosef, the Suffering Messiah and contemporary rabbinic objections

Messiah ben Yosef: the Suffering Messiah

  • The first rabbinic objection mentioned above is due to a misunderstanding of Yeshua's prior mission in the 1st Century as the Suffering Messiah.  Although the Suffering Messiah, Messiah ben Yosef is part of Jewish tradition, although the character of the " man of pains" is announced in the Scroll of Isaiah, Chapter 53, confirmed by other Dead Sea Scroll and talmudic sources, many rabbis nowadays will discard the idea of a Suffering Messiah, because the image of Messiah ben David seems to be prevalent to them. Of course, after centuries of bondage, so many people are wishing for Israel's complete liberation from terror and oppression. Messiah ben David will liberate His people and reign- in conformity with biblical prophecies. Because the figure of Messiah ben David is so much important, the character of Messiah ben Yosef is occulted. So many persons fail to see that Messiah ben Yosef and Messiah ben David are the same person.
  • The second rabbinic objection is often generated by the lack of knowledge of the Gospels that are described as " greek documents".  If rabbis started reading the excellent Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels, they would probably envision that Yeshua's words are the words of a Torah-observant rabbi. All stories happen in Eretz Israel. One cannot deny that the parables are a typically Jewish literary genre-which dismisses the argument that the Gospels are "greek". The Gospels are documents written by Jewish minds that have been translated into Greek. I am convinced that archeology will permit to exhume the Hebrew originals from the earth someday.

The halachic rabbi Christianity fails to see

The kotz of the yod

"The Torah and the Prophets were given until Yochanan.From that time on, the good news of the Kingdom was given.Everyone will enter with a strong hand.But it is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one thorn ( "kotz" in Hebrew is a small stroke, part of a Hebrew letter-yod being the smallest Hebrew letter) to fall away from the Torah." Luke Chapter 16, verses 16 and 17 Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels.

People have been claiming about Yeshua's Second Coming for 2000 years. Many individuals are even so much used to this statement that they don't really expect Him to come back, failing to spot prophecies in the process of fulfilling in our contemporary world.

Arrogance and blindness in Christianity

Unfortunately, centuries of estrangement from Judaism and the Hebraic heritage of the Gospels have created a monster made of distorted, mistranslated verses and added pagan traditions ( Christmas, Santa Claus, Saint Valentine, Easter, Halloween, just to name a few).

Many orthodox Jews consider papacy and roman catholic church as "Yeshua's official representatives". Most of them think of Yeshua as of a pagan divinity in the same way they would perceive other baals and ishtars. The link between Yeshua and the true Messiah of Israel has been lost with the pagan image Christianity displays of Yeshua. Therefore, a belief Yeshua gets automatically discarded as " pagan" or "goy".

On the other hand, some misled and stubborn adepts of Christianity would automatically do away with Yeshua's obvious connection with the people and the soil of Eretz Israel. Many people, and even the ones who claim "to love Jewish people", view the Jews as " fallen" and "cursed". I've heard very shocking statements from people who claim to "have mad love for Jewish folks" that "Yeshua shed His blood, "even" for the Jews".

Now, my dear friends, if you think like that you will probably need a Torah/ Tanach/ Gospel reality check that will bring you back to more modesty:

  • the Jews are HaShem's elect, the apple of His eye...even if they have been judged for their disobedience, the God of Israel will never remove His love from them.
  • Yeshua our dear Messiah is one of their kinsmen, who came for " the lost sheep of Israel" AT FIRST.
  • Yeshua does not discard preexisting concepts in Torah and Tanach, he digs deeper into them to show you more perfection in applying them.
  • Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel AT FIRST, then the Messiah of the nations. If He hadn't faced rejection in the first century, I don't think that Gentiles would had it easy to even access Salvation. 

In conclusion: arrogant boasting will lead you nowhere. Be grateful to even be into HaShem's alliance- which can only happen if you follow the true Messiah of Israel, not His greek counterpart.

When Yeshua encountered my path, three years ago, I asked Him to show me the real Him and He revealed Him to me as the Jewish Messiah. He clearly showed me that He is a teacher of Torah and He brought me into Torah study. Over months of discipleship, Yeshua got me rooted into Hebraic thought and also into the Promised Land, His soil.

I would like to warn the skeptics: back in 2015 our Lord clearly showed me that some people would deny Him openly when they would become aware of His Jewish ID. Here is the link to the article I posted on this blog on June 2015.

A few examples of Yeshua's halachic teachings:

  • netilat yadayim ( ritual washing of hands, falsely interpreted as "Yeshua declaring all foods pure) in Mark 7 (verses 1-3)
  • discussions about Shabbat are very common in rabbinic debates...Yeshua showed that mercy should always prevail. Shabbat was made for man to delight in it and Yeshua reminded people of it. Also life always prevail, especially on the 7th Day.
  • the parable of the mustard seed is a complex rabbinic teaching that implies prior knowledge of some precise rabbinic laws.
  • When He debated with the Pharisees, Yeshua always argued according to Torah and Tanach, privileging kindness of heart.

Yeshua also showed that He was in agreement with orthodox Judaism by making the following statements:

- the Pharisees are seated on the seat of Moshe
-  Yeshua invited people to do as they say, but with FULL KINDNESS OF HEART, discarding hypocrisy.

A clearer vision of who Yeshua is among Jewish people

Two important elements seem to indicate that more Jewish people are ready to welcome their Messiah:

-Ariel Cohen Colloro's project of second trial for Yeshua
- The existence of Sanhedrin haderech, the Sanhedrin of the Way, that is mainly composed of orthodox rabbis and Hassidim. These people ( who are not Messianic Jews) follow the Halacha and believe that Yeshua of Nazareth is the true Messiah of Israel.

One of mankind's drama is the lack of perception of the true Messiah of Israel.
Yeshua is not the founder of a new doctrine called "Christianity". Yeshua is one of His kinsmen, a true Israeli, who always used Torah treasures to teach His talmidim in depth and showed them how to apply it perfectly.

Yeshua showed and is still showing His disciples the way of compassion and forgiveness. But He also wants committment from His disciples. To be able to apply His sayings, one must delve deep into Hebraic thought: actually this is not an option, it is an obligation.

Be prepared, don't fail to recognize Israel's true Messiah!

He'll be coming in the clouds with might and glory. Do not let this day take you by surprise.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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