Sunday, October 2, 2016

A rabbi on my path ( from "Heart of a Savior")

During my walk, I had repeated this hassidic melody that was on my mind. The Hebrew words were just flowing out of my mouth, creating and re-creating an abundant flow of syllables in the loving presence of Hashem.

The Hebrew language got me plugged in again. My feet were on earth, but my soul was walking in Heaven.

On my way back home, I noticed some old rabbi before me heading towards the same direction as I-or so I thought.
Several times, the old rabbi looked backwards and also went backwards, which gave me the occasion to observe him. He looked like one of these old men of wisdom. His hair was mixed, brown and gray.
As he seemed to turn over for the third time, I asked him: “ are you looking for a specific place, Sir?”
The rabbi glanced at me and smiled. I could read much loving kindness inside of him. He replied to me: “ No, thank you.” And the beautiful smile he let me see remained in his face. His traits strangely reminded me of the rabbi from my hometown, who died a few years ago. I read so much kindness and humbleness in this man who accidentally crossed my road.

I had sung songs of Heaven and Yeshua had sent me a rabbi to show me a reflection of His own mercies.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

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