Monday, July 6, 2015

Spiritual sight opening

Our Lord granted me to see Him, once. Here is an exerpt of my book again. It will open your mind to spiritual reality.
Do not ask me to describe His Face, I would be unable to. I cannot even tell you about the color of His eyes, only that His glance was very intense. What I remember most is His beautiful smile and His eyes and smile saying "I love you." Blessed be our beautiful Lord of love, always.

Yesterday I was just thinking about the testimony of some young guy who was saved in extremis from hell, as he was dying. Yeshua showed up in the last minute, gave him His hand and saved him.
The man also came back to life afterwards and testified about his powerful encounter with our Lord.
I was thinking to myself: “our Lord is indeed very powerful to do such things.”

As this thought crossed my mind, I saw Yeshua standing in front of me, smiling at me. Surprisingly, the sight I had did not come from my eyes…my vision was a little bit blurry, though.

I was feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit very strongly in me.

Yeshua then spoke to me: “My dear child, your eyes aren’t seeing me. This is your soul seeing me.”
Yeshua was teaching me an astonishing new lesson about the spiritual world:  our souls do have this wonderful ability to see and identify Him, once the Holy Spirit opens our sight.

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